Custom Diamond Painting-Custom photo in diamond painting- From 20,69 $
      • Custom Diamond Painting-Custom photo in diamond painting- From 20,69 $
      • Custom Diamond Painting-Custom photo in diamond painting- From 20,69 $
      • Custom Diamond Painting-Custom photo in diamond painting- From 20,69 $

      Custom photo in diamond painting

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      Personalized Diamond Embroidery Table

      NOTICE: We advise you to choose the table adapted to the format of your photo. Otherwise, our team will have to modify the size of your photo to have a more elegant and proportional rendering.

      Discover the personalized Diamond Embroidery to please yourself and to please your loved ones. Playful and original, it is sold with a kit allowing you to embroider everything: from your own photo to that of your pets, not to mention your most vivid memories.

      The kit is a complete tool in which you will discover the printed canvas and all the other parts useful for the creation of your personalized embroidery.

      Our experts are at your disposal to analyze and improve your image. Before delivering your diamond embroidery, we can make some modifications:

      • RESIZING AND ADJUSTING THE BORDER : We readjust the photo so that it is well centered within the framework of the Diamond Embroidery.

      • LIGHT AND DARK EFFECT ADJUSTMENT : We eliminate the effect that is too light or too dark to have a nicely contrasted photo.

      • ADJUSTING CONTRAST AND BRIGHTNESS: Other adjustments are necessary to make your Diamond Embroidery an original and beautifully decorated creation.

      • ADJUSTING THE COLOR TO AVOID DISGRACIOUS SHADES: Our goal is to offer you an authentic product, without color nuances or dark effects. To obtain a better rendering, we are obliged to correct the color in order to preserve the originality of the photo once transformed into Diamond Embroidery.

      Steps to follow when ordering

      1. Choose your favorite photo and add it to the space dedicated to it.
      2. Select the number of photos to add and the appropriate size
      3. Check everything before validating. Then proceed to payment.
      4. After receiving your order, our team analyzes and makes various adjustments to your photo. We convert it to Diamond Embroidery when the tuning and optimization steps are complete.
      5. We validate the rendering before transforming it into an embroidered photo.

      Instructions to follow

      For the rendering of your diamond embroidery to be elegant and optimized, we invite you to read and respect the following three rules:

      Rule # 1

      ️ The photo you should use should be of very good quality, with no pixels or blurry effects.

      • A photo of excellent quality will allow to obtain a final rendering of good quality.
      • A poor quality photo will only produce a poor quality result.

      Before you send us your photo, make sure it is of the highest quality possible. You can check its sharpness by zooming on the screen of your tablet or smartphone.

      Rule # 2

      ️ Opt for a clear photo with the people in the image well framed and sufficiently close.

      The trick is to choose a bust photo, that is, from the head to the bust, and not a full photo, from head to toe. This detail is important insofar as it will better enhance each facial feature.

      Rule # 3

      ️When adding the photo, choose a board size that matches the size of your photo perfectly.

      Note that the final rendering is more optimized if the chosen canvas is large.

      The quality of the final embroidery also depends on the details in the photo: the larger the dimension of the canvas, the more the small details are highlighted.

      To help you, we offer the following tips:

      • Photo with 1 or 2 people = a canvas of 30x40cm minimum
      • Photo with 3 to 5 people = a canvas of 40x50cm minimum
      • Photo with more than 5 people = a canvas of 60x80cm minimum


      What's in the package?

      Round diamond

      Round colored resin beads, brings shiny 3D effects. The lines do not need to be aligned during the laying process. After the completion, there will be no irregularities. The layout is faster because there are pencils in the kit.

      Square diamond

      Square stones in colored resin, better rendering in the light. Square rhinestones fill all the free space very well. After finishing, you can level the lines, the effect of the picture will be beautiful.

      Data sheet

      Diamond Shape?
      Round & Square (see option)
      High quality resin
      Brand name
      Painting diam
      Number of colors
      6 years and over

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