Elephant-elephant and birds- From 20,28 $
      • Elephant-elephant and birds- From 20,28 $
      • Elephant-elephant and birds- From 20,28 $
      • Elephant-elephant and birds- From 20,28 $
      • Elephant-elephant and birds- From 20,28 $
      • Elephant-elephant and birds- From 20,28 $

      elephant and birds

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      Model: elephant and birds
      Method of realization: Diamond embroidery
      Embroidery type: Complete (image 100% in diamond embroidery)
      Sizes: from 20x30cm up 50x70cm
      Diamond shape : Square or round

      Diamond Shape :
      Canvas size :
      Quantity :

      Bet on a PREMIUM quality embroidery : Our diamond embroidery made of several hundred models with patterns colorful and beautifully decorated. Each canvas has a exceptional quality, equipped with a great seal and a adhesive background making it easier to set up.You can decorate your canvas by adding the numbered decorative pieces. (Square or round diamonds.)

      Have a great time with your family using the " Diamond embroidery ". This activity is designed for entertain and relax children and teenagers. The principle is very easy: just stick the diamonds on the surface of the canvas in order to decorate it and accentuate the visible pattern. Through this bonding process, each participant works his mind and concentration while relaxing during the creation time.

      Benefit from a THERAPEUTIC CREATION : this art offers many advantages. It helps stimulate memory, reduce stress and promote calm and peace of mind.

      Create a beautiful DECORATIVE TOOL: the “Diamond Embroidery” is an original decorative object which, once finished, can be transformed into a beautiful wall painting.

      You can choose to frame it or display it on your walls without a frame to make a beautiful decorative tool.

      A QUALITY CANVAS as UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL GIFT: If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, we suggest the diamond embroidery canvas. It is perfect for all occasions: birthdays, parents 'and grandparents' day, Christmas, New Year, baptism, etc.

      Be among the members of the DIAMOND EMBROIDERY CLUB: If you are a fan of this activity, do not hesitate to become an active member of the Diamond Embroidery club. Our community welcomes you with open arms with even more fun and fun activities.

      Diamond Embroidery fabrics are available in several sizes. Choose the size that suits you for an even more surprising finish. Namely, the larger the size, the more the effect will be sharp and not pixelated.


      What's in the package?

      Round diamond

      Round colored resin beads, brings shiny 3D effects. The lines do not need to be aligned during the laying process. After the completion, there will be no irregularities. The layout is faster because there are pencils in the kit.

      Square diamond

      Square stones in colored resin, better rendering in the light. Square rhinestones fill all the free space very well. After finishing, you can level the lines, the effect of the picture will be beautiful.

      Data sheet

      Diamond Shape?
      Round & Square (see option)
      High quality resin
      Brand name
      Painting diam
      Number of colors
      6 years and over

      Specific References

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